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Free Fishing Days

Each year, the last full weekend in June is designated as Free Fishing Days in New York State. During those two days, anyone can fish New York State waters, and no fishing license is required. This event started in 1991 to allow all people the opportunity to sample the incredible fishing New York State has to offer. Since no license is required, it is the perfect time to take a friend or relative fishing. In 2010, New York State’s Free Fishing Days are Saturday and Sunday, June 26 & 27.

In addition to the June Free Fishing Days weekend, there are a number of “Free Fishing Events” held in various locations across the state. Free Fishing Events are DEC sponsored events (such as family fishing clinics) where participants can learn about fish identification, fishing equipment and techniques, fisheries management, angling ethics and aquatic ecology. Each of DEC’s nine regions can sponsor up to four free fishing events per year. Most free fishing events occur during the period from April through October. For a listing of currently posted events, please view the table, but be sure to check back periodically to see if additional events have been added.

So, first time anglers, as well as those who have drifted away from the sport, should take advantage of this opportunity to see how much fun fishing can be. For more information about Free Fishing Days, contact your DEC Regional Fisheries Office.
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Fishing License Fees (2009-2010 License Year)

Please note that the age qualification for a reduced fishing license has been raised from 65 to 70.

Resident License Fees (2009-2010)
Resident License Type Fee
Senior (70+/Military Disability) $ 5.00
Annual Fishing $ 29.00
7 day fishing $ 15.00
1 day fishing $ 5.00
Includes Fishing:
Sportsman1 $ 47.00
Super Sportsman2 $ 88.00
Conservation Legacy3 $ 96.00
Non-Resident License Fees (2009-2010)
Non-Resident License Type Fee
Annual Fishing $70.00
7 day Fishing $ 35.00
1 day Fishing $ 15.00
Super Sportsman2 $ 250.00
Special Stamp License Fees (2009-2010)
Resident & Non-Resident Special Stamps Fee
One day fishing license-
Call 1-86 NY DECALS (1-866-933-2257) for additional information

1Allows the holder to hunt both small and big game, and to fish.
2Includes sportsman license (which includes fishing), plus bow hunting, muzzle-loader hunting, and turkey hunting.
3Includes a super sportsman license, plus habitat and access stamp and subscription to the Conservationist.(Habitat and Access stamp is voluntary. Revenue from sale of this goes into a dedicated account within the Conservation Fund to be used for projects to protect and improve habitat and provide public access for fish and wildlife-related recreation).

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