8/21/2011 S&R Bait and Tackle Co. Seabreeze fishing report

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Right from the fishes mouth

Irondequoit Bay and Irondequoit bay outlet     Sunday 8/21/2011

Small Mouth Bass
Are still a hard find in our old fishing spots on the lake such as in front of Hedges. Shipbuilders creek and in front of Webster pier show good signs of comeback using bass minnows or soft shell crabs. Remember KEEP BAIT OFF THE BOTTOM (unless your gobie fishing)

Large Mouth Bass
Once again, any cove in the bay will produce these fish. soft shell crabs or a top water lure of your choice.

Rock Bass

Have seemed to slow down considerably, however you can still catch a few using perch minnows, spikes or wax worms.

Sheep Head

Large in size and are being caught off the outlet bridge


They are just starting to come in at the end of Irondequoit and Webster pier. With the sizes being caught it looks like it will be a good year.


Are being caught in the river by the falls, on worm crawler harnesses and also, off the Summerville pier at dust using stick baits.


Are being caught in the Irondequoit bay outlet on the larger spoons, such as the Red and white or ¾ oz cleo.

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